oger .

A sophisticated production for the OGER magazine .

When thinking of Italian customisation for men at the high end of the market, you think of OGER. OGER Lusink started the family business in 1989 and from the outset has regarded a personalised service for the customer of paramount importance. A customised personal identity, catering for every age.

from brainstorm to production .

The tailor makes the man and it’s the clothes he wears that determine our approach in OGER Magazine. The collection of OGER for the new season serves as a departure point in the development of a total concept. From concept to design, to copy and of course photography: the entire magazine is a MOHR production.

OGER online webshop for photography

In addition to experts in print, we are also digital natives and experts in the field of attractive, online photography. We organise the product photography for the website of OGER approx. 12 times per season. We arrange the right models, the photographer and stylist. Online, we opt for neutral model poses against a clear background. We do, of course, ensure the images are edited for a perfect result. This is a fast and efficient process, thereby ensuring that the images are online practically instantly.