van den assem .

mohr berries, please .

Family company Van den Assem breathes shoes. Not a big surprise because this company has had a passion for shoes since 1910, long before Carrie Bradshaw entered the scene. MOHR took on the entire production of Berry Magazine, Van den Assem’s biennial magazine, from concept, photography, image editing to copy.

For the spring/summer 2018 edition, we translated the identity of Van den Assem and the colourful summer collection into an exciting concept, full of strong photography and tasteful content. The ‘Taste the City’ theme returns in the photography but also in the interviews with foodies, favourite restaurants of owner Berry van den Assem and a food tour of dynamic and colourful Amsterdam.

tasteful design .

MOHR took on the entire production for Berry Magazine. A magazine’s design is vital if you want a brand’s DNA, the theme of a collection and the intended look to come together. That is why, in the case of Berry Magazine, we opted for sleek, stylish and, at times, playful elements. We have used diagonal lines as an abstract image of a zebra crossing, making a link to the urban theme, for instance.