oger .

a sophisticated production for the
OGER magazine .

personal identity .

When thinking of Italian customisation for men at the high end of the market, you think of OGER. OGER Lusink started the family business in 1989 and from the outset has regarded a personalised service for the customer of paramount importance.
A customised personal identity, catering for every age.

from brainstorm to production .

The tailor makes the man and it’s the clothes he wears that determine our approach in OGER Magazine. The collection of OGER for the new season serves as a departure point in the development of a total concept. From concept to design, to copy and of course photography: the entire magazine is a MOHR production.

eye for branding .

Together with OGER, we work on a suitable, visual identity which clearly emerges in the magazine and which will continue to be apparent in subsequent editions. Image strategy and consistent design create a recognisable, visual identity throughout the magazine. The designers of MOHR guard the identity of OGER by continuously monitoring whether certain choices in design are in line with the other OGER magazines. Not only does this apply to image; typography, recurrent reports and sections also play a role therein.

an image
says it all .

Good preparation is half the battle and therefore we always check the location in advance in order to ensure that the photo shoot on the day itself runs smoothly. We also pay considerable attention to how we can shoot the stills as attractively as possible. And not without effect: customers of OGER literally come to the shop armed with the OGER magazine in order to buy that particular combination.

copy to remember .

Our copywriter is involved from as early as the concept phase in order to think along about the content of the magazine. In addition to informative product texts, it also features interesting interviews with the Lusink family and a column by best-seller author Tommy Wieringa, a welcome guest in the Amsterdam OGER-store.