van uffelen .

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Van Uffelen was incorporated by Van Uffelen in 1945 and with 28 outlets and 70 years of experience, it is a household name in the world of retail. Today, Pieter Cox owns and manages the chain that sells stylish and famous brands for men, women and children. MOHR developed the photography concept for Van Uffelen in the form of an A3 newspaper. This newspaper is published six times a year.

refreshing A3 newspaper .

The idea: a 16-page A3 newspaper for the Van Uffelen sales days (Happy Days), in which we use photography to show how Van Uffelen makes people happy with lots of discounts. In addition, we profile Pieter Cox as the face of Van Uffelen and with that the personification of the business and the engagement involved in it. As part of his profile, Pieter Cox, together with his buyers, talks about their love for the profession.