blijdesteijn .

rebranding blijdesteijn: contemporary and personal .

As a family-run company, fashion house Blijdesteijn’s most important values are quality and service. The sixth generation is currently at the helm – they have been around since 1833 – and the company has grown into a prominent and reliable fashion house with 220 top brands for both men and women.

tradition x zeitgeist .

Blijdesteijn asked MOHR to develop a new but familiar concept for all communications from Blijdesteijn, in line with the company’s DNA and current Zeitgeist. For this concept, we transformed the corporate colours and design and we implemented the seasonal colour accents in all communications and visual campaigns. The result is a recognisable and clear image atmosphere in line with seasonal trends and the collection. It all looks refreshing, optimistic and accessible and, thanks to the details, it is highly recognisable.

from advertisement leaflet to magazine .

Another request was to give the existing magazine a bit more body, not just images but also interesting content. By adding an index, featuring the Blijdesteijn family with their favourite items of clothing, interviewing a personal shopper and by creating exciting layouts, the magazine has suddenly become much more attractive.  For the new season, MOHR will also be working on the online activities of Blijdesteijn