selfolution .

always on fleek: zooming in on generation z .

This is generation Z: true digital natives who were born in or after 1995 and who haven’t lived life without a smartphone or computer. They are used to endless flows of information, have a short attention span (eight seconds) and are accustomed to multi-tasking. In addition, entrepreneurship is in their DNA, as they are used to the success stories of start-ups. Spoon-fed with the financial crisis, 9/11 and the success stories of start-ups, this generation is carefully labelled as ‘matured’ and ‘career-oriented’.

As self-aware as they are, they understand the strength and power of reputation and/or the harm that damage to one’s image can bring. Yet they easily handle the continuous bombardment of status updates from friends and influencers and steadily continue to build on their own digital image, because followers and likes mean power and self-confidence. Instagram and Snapchat offer a single swipe to apply the correct filter on their lives in order to create a profile that generates the most likes and which presents their ideal image. These youngsters put the bar high for themselves and continuously struggle with questions such as: is my social feed still on fleek? Is my life interesting enough for a vlog?

‘chill *the fuck* out!’

is what Mohr.Amsterdam and Daan Brand cry out in the ‘Selfolution’ series. Why put that bar so high? You don’t have to meditate on a Thai beach, you don’t have to lead a start-up in order to start having a life and least of all, you don’t have to drink a latte matcha. Just go with YOUR flow! Your life doesn’t need a filter.