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on trend on brand .

Naturally, we photographed the clothing that will appear in the shops in the next few weeks long before. Our work gives us a head start over consumers who are not involved in the world of fashion. However, a photo shoot requires more than just an item of clothing: we have to create an entire atmosphere, an atmosphere that is in line with the trends and consumer needs of a season that hasn’t even started yet.

Apart from the fashion, the models, accessories, hair and make-up, sets, location and lighting are the things that decide if a photo is in line with trends. In addition – especially for fashion brands – it is essential to be distinctive, to create a real brand. That’s a lot to take into account before we even pick up a camera!

That is why our team consists of more than photographers and beauticians, but also of trend watchers and stylists, décor builders and location spotters, traffic and projectmanagers. Together we achieve the right production: distinctive, on trend and on brand. And the thing that sets us apart from the rest: all of this is budget-friendly.