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no thanks, im fine

Oversized is back. Enormous coats, comfortable snug jumpers, hoodies and wrap cardigans are gaining popularity. Why? We want protection. Protection from the visual and auditive stimuli that besiege us every day and protection from the feeling of insecurity that is fed by successive crises (economic, political and social). Those big coats, jumpers and cardigans give us a sense of security. It is called: Reassuring Fashion. Fashion that reassures us.

Safe and comfortable

The pyjama-style suits, the wrap coats, kimonos, blanket-like ponchos and big shawls can also be classed under this trend. They all give you a sense of homeliness, comfort, safety and security.

Silence please

The urge to find protection in our own, secure worlds is not something that is reserved to the world of fashion; we are for that matter more inclined to stay in rather than go out. We crave peace and quiet. Delivery services for you-name-it-we’ve-got-it, the growing popularity of yoga and mindfulness, cooking at home for your family and friends, home blankets and lazy chairs you can snuggle up to: they are all manifestations of a lifestyle in which we turn inward.


Judging by the catwalk shows of the past couple of months, we will see a lot of oversized fashion in both the summer and autumn collections. Coats and blazers, cardigans and trousers in particular will be more voluminous than previous years, for both men and women.

The rise of the introvert

Entirely in line with these developments, but hardly noticed: the introvert is also making an advance. In contrast with extroverts, introverts are not the life and soul of a party, they think before they do or say anything and they are not really concerned about group pressure. They just like to be by themselves: they live in their own thoughts or emotions and are not necessarily waiting for your company, help or advice. ‘No thanks, I’m fine’ could be their motto; the wrap cardigan, the large jumper and oversized coat could be their permanent outfit.

Introvert? Yes!

Although extroverts still shout louder than anyone else, we are heading for a period in which introverts will be appreciated a lot more. That period is heralded by the wave of hoodies, oversized jumpers, wrap cardigans and big coats. Fashion that allows you to be yourself and that protects you from the influences of the outside world. Fashion that reassures us: all is well. There’s no need to constantly focus on the outside world.