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When viewed from a distance, you can see a group. Like a herd, a big mass of people who we can quickly classify. This would be on the basis of external features, of course, as we tend to lock onto skin colour, clothing and hairstyle.

This is generation Z: true digital natives who were born in or after 1995 and who haven’t lived life without a smartphone or computer. They are used to endless flows of information, have a short attention span (eight seconds) and are accustomed to multi-tasking. In addition, entrepreneurship is in their DNA, as they are used to the success stories of start-ups.

Oversized is back. Enormous coats, comfortable snug jumpers, hoodies and wrap cardigans are gaining popularity. Why? We want protection. Protection from the visual and auditive stimuli that besiege us every day and protection from the feeling of insecurity that is fed by successive crises (economic, political and social). Those big coats, jumpers and cardigans give us a sense of security. It is called: Reassuring Fashion. Fashion that reassures us.

The face of fashion is changing. Literally: the blond, slim girls who adorn the catwalks and magazines are now joined by plus-size and 50-plus models, by black and Asian women, by Muslim women wearing hijabs, transgender and visibly disabled women. Why is this happening and why is it happening now?

Fashion designers continue to use the past for inspiration. After the influences of the sixties and seventies that dominated fashion last summer, the next period goes back in time even further: fashion and accessories are full of references to the baroque and rococo periods, to the dandy style and the roaring twenties. All of them are styles with an enormous richness in detail and decorations. For web shops in particular it will be quite a

Naturally, we photographed the clothing that will appear in the shops in the next few weeks long before. Our work gives us a head start over consumers who are not involved in the world of fashion. However, a photo shoot requires more than just an item of clothing: we have to create an entire atmosphere, an atmosphere that is in line with the trends and consumer needs of a season that hasn’t even started yet.